Summer Holiday style tips

Hi friends. I recently went to Kerala for a week escaping from the crowd and pollution of Delhi and I was stunned when I reached Munnar. Well for corporate slaves like us it is a dream to see such  greenery and a peaceful environment. Small towns always attract me as I’m born and brought up in a small town and even after spending so many years in Delhi my heart just cannot accept it (sigh). Sometimes in metro cities you just want to escape somewhere where you can find yourself, where you are calm, no hurry and complete peace. Well I am sounding like spiritual gurus right now (haha). So guys let’s get back to what we all love. Any guesses???? Well girls of course-“ fashion” (sic.haha).
Well for my trip I did some shopping as I always do (winking). Latest to my collection were these comfy cotton pants, convertible tube dress, Palazzo pants and crop tops. So here are some tips for travelling style. For the airport I went for completely chilled out look with my ankle shoes, comfy tee and jeggings.

For roaming around I wore this convertible tube dress with crop top and my latest favorite colorbar velvet matte lipstick in peach crush. I find this lipstick totally a stunner for Indian skin in summer. I accessorized the look with a fun necklace and simple flats. I find flats very comfortable and effortlessly stylish.

For another day I wore this comfortable cotton pleated pants with simple top, long chain and flats.

For the beautiful houseboat in Allepey which was an amazing experience (Indian Venice feeling), I wore the convertible tube dress as a skirt with plain tank top and a chunky neckpiece which I bought from local street market in Delhi. Few things about this dress are that I got to know about this convertible dress thing while surfing through internet one day and I was so thrilled of the concept. But somehow I couldn’t find it anywhere in Delhi. Then before the trip, one day I went to shopping at central mall and voila I saw it!!! I was so thrilled and bought it immediately with a matching crop top (So like me.haha).

Another bang on travelling wear is a palazzo pant. Well palazzos are so in these days and boy they are so so so comfortable and chic. Pair them with plain tank tops or ruffled tops and they look so urban and cool. Here’s how I wore them while travelling in the beautiful tiger reserve in Thekaddy.

Now for the beach area I wore an updown dress with an angel crown band. Well these floral bands are so in these days and you can find them at local markets at very cheap rate (I bought this for 50bucks). These bands look so cute and I feel somehow angelic in this (with a stick and wing I will fly..haha..pardon me for my wild ideas..such ideas keep coming to me..can’t help..winking). Updown dresses look very stylish and are very comfortable and ideal for the beach fun. I paired it with peach flip flops having cute bow design (Well I love everything which has bow..winking :P So like me). You can find these flip flops easily in the local markets and they look so cute.

So guys these were my holiday style tips for you. Hope you find these useful. Do comment below to share your ideas and opinions. Bbye. Take care. Feel beautiful and stylish .

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