Footwear- favourites and arrangement

Hi girls. Today I decided to write about something that I am totally in awe of. Whenever I go for shopping this is one thing which will definitely come home with me (haha can’t help). Mr. hubby is totally not able to understand why I love it so much (poor guys). Well let’s not hold this suspense for longer and reveal that item. Well that’s “footwear”.

I love all kinds of footwear- Stilettoes, sling backs, kitten heels, flat bellies, loafers, flip flops, mojaris, sneakers, ankle shoes, boots etc. Mr. hubby says you should make a room for your footwears. Well guys never understand that we girls don’t intend to buy so many footwear but when a cute pair of stilettoes attract you towards them you are helpless (haha that’s my excuse everytime :D)                               
I am most comfortable in flats.They are stylish and timeless and most comfortable in office. With suits I wear flat strapped chappals, rajasthani and Punjabi mojaris and with western dresses I prefer bellies, loafers and flat sandals. Flip Flops with bow looks supercool at beaches. I buy bellies and loafers from good brand only because I get cuts on foot from local bellies. GIP mall in Noida and ambience mall in Gurgaon has some very good shops for footwear.

For parties, stilettoes and slip on footwear are my choices. I am not a high heel person (sigh..I can’t manage very high heels). Most of my slip ons are from catwalk brand. It’s sandals are very comfortable and durable. Karol bagh has also some very good shops.

For a casual outing  you can have a rock chic look with ankle shoes and sneakers. I prefer these during travelling and guitar classes (where everyone is kinda rockstar ..hahaha).

In the office where I have to walk a lot I mostly prefer flats. But only heels which I can manage in office are kitten heels. They are so comfortable and yet stylish. I would suggest kitten heels to all the girls who can’t manage high heels yet want to wear heels for that chic look. Platform heel is yet another very good option. But personally I prefer kitten heels.

Now if you have sufficient space for footwear you can manage them at footwear rack but if you don’t have much space then what you can do is fir put one layer of footwear on bottom rack of cupboard or almirah. Then top it with transparent polybags and then again put the next row of footwears. This prevents the footwear from staining and maintains them for long time. Once in a week you can keep them in sunlight to prevent any bacterial growth.

So this  was little discussion about my favourite thing in the world. Do share your opinion on which footwear you like most and how you organize them at home. Bbye for now. Stay cool and stylish.

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