My Current shopping haul

Hi guys. I went to Homecentre yesterday to look for some items for my home. I get very positive vibes in homecentre I don’t know why (haha). The prices are definitely higher but sometimes you get so unique things there that you can’t say no to them (well that happens way too much with me..hehe…sorry hubby can’t help..wink ).

 Well I am very organized by nature and I completely love the idea of organizers (well boys still have no clue why an organizer is required if you can throw your socks on the bed). I was looking for an organizer for my dressing table and I found this cute little red basket for just 197rs.

Also I bought this 3 space container for Rs.220 for keeping my bobby pins, ruffle bands, safety pins and clutches.

This is how i used the two for organizing things on my dressing table

For my kitchen item I bought these two silcon shapers (Rs 150 each). You can make round or flower shape cheela, pancakes or omlettes with these. I completely loved these (because I hate when my omlette doesn’t turn out round..hahaha).

I also love T light candles. I bought these ocean breeze T light candles (cost Rs. 275) and a wood flavor oil burner (cost Rs. 199). I absolutely loved these. They give such a pleasant and positive feeling at night.

Well these were my recent purchases. Please share what is your recent purchase or how you organize your desks. I am always in love with the new ideas for organizing things. 

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