Passion or Money?

Hi girls. So today’s post is not about beauty or style rather it is a discussion on a personal level. How many of you struggle daily in jobs where your heart’s not into it. I know there’s a huge population in this category. Sometimes it’s difficult to find courage to leave a meaty job which pays your bills well for something which you totally love, something which is your passion.

I really admire people who have the guts to quit their jobs to do something they love. I think strong will power and direction is really important. I know so many girls who were so creative but didn’t know what to do with their talent. Sometimes family members, life partner etc. pay very important role in supporting the person and sometimes the person himself/herself is so strong that they go against the odds.

 I believe that our society is also so negative in terms of acceptance. I remember my classmates who  were not able to do well in studies but were good in sports and other department received harsh treatments from the aunties of neighborhood. Their parents felt ashamed that their kid is not good academically. Till today engineering and medical are considered the only prestigious occupations and all others are waste in eyes of the society. Even I didn’t have the courage about thinking anything else than engineering as I was good in studies and society expected me to become a bright engineer but only I knew that my heart was not into it.

I remember singer Kailash kher sadly saying in an interview that when people used to ask him what was he doing and he used to reply that he is singing then they used to ask him “ wo to theek h par aap karte kya h” (that is fine but what do you do professionally). As if singing is a waste of time and energy and doesn’t qualify to be called a profession.
Today when I feel robotic in my job it’s only then that I realize that had I been able to have courage to choose what I felt good about, life would have been different. But still I try to do things which makes me feel rejuvenated.

So the topic is still valid whether to leave a well paying corporate job to take the risk to follow your passion. Well it’s a personal call. I am confused till date as direction and courage is missing. Please share your opinion and success stories if any. I would love to take some inspiration. 

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