My october shopping haul

Hi girls. How are you all? With the festive air and sale going on everywhere I am sure that all of you must have been busy shopping this week. Well for me last month was super busy with 1 week holiday in goa followed by 1 week official trip to Malaysia. Well that also meant  shopppppppping for me. Hehehe. Well my husband says that “you are such a shopaholic Megha that you can shop even if you have 10 minutes only” hahaha..well yeah that’s true as I have done that too when I had to catch a flight  and at the last minute I stopped  at OPI counter as soon as I saw OPI.  Hehehe. Well that’s just me. Totally unapologetic . And it’s not every day that you get to see so many OPI naipaints (Grin Grin).

Shopping haul india Goa Malaysia
Shopping haul Goa and Malaysia

So friends I had lots of fun at goa and I went to different street markets there. There were T-shirts, Skirts, Wraparounds, Maxi gowns, headbands, Scarves, Imitation silver jewllery, baby crocs etc. Everything was between 100 to 400 INR. And I was amazed to see the jewellery collection there. Baga beach market was cheapest. On Wednesday  Anjuna market opens but I found  it to be a bit pricy as compared to Baga market.  The same stuff that we saw at Baga was higher in price at Anjuna. So here’s what I got from Goa.

Silk Scarf Goa
Silk Scarf

Silk scarf- I found it too cute. I bought it for INR 200. I will style it as a neck scarf as well as headband (I love headband for travel and holiday outings. You must have spotted me in these on my Instagram pics). These headbands are too good for your bad hair days. When you are at beach or in a camp where you have no time for hairstyle, just wear these bands and voila you are ready to go in style.

Silver Imitation Jewellery Goa
Imitation Silver Jewellery

Silver imitaition jewellery (Neckpieces and bracelets)- I got the two neckpieces for a total of INR650!!! Yeah you heard it right. These two super pretty neckpieces for a total of 650 only. The shopkeeper aunty started with INR 650 for each and as usual I said “Didi de do na. Ho jaega. Chalo lao 650 k dono”. Hehehe..and yeah as per my expert  bargaining advice, never call the shopkeeper lady “aunty”. Call her “didi”. She will surely give you the stuff at the price you want (hahaha..funny but that’s true). I also got this gorgeous elephant design bracelet . I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It was like love at first sight. hehe. And the price is just  INR 150. You have to bargain a lot in these shops.

Imitation Silver Neckpiece Goa
Imitation Silver Neckpiece

Imitation Silver Neckpiece Goa
Imitation Silver Neckpiece

Imitation Silver Elephant design bracelet
Elephant design bracelet

During Malaysia trip I didn’t get much time to go shopping (sigh L) so whatever little time I got I bought some small things from duty free and a Malaysian mall.

NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil and eyeshadow primer- I bought these from Sephora. I had heard some really good reviews of NYX jumbo pencils so I bought dark brown shade for doing quick smokey eye makeup. I regretted later about buying the NYX eyeshadow primer as later when I read the reviews about it, it was disappointing. Well I will use it myself and tell you guys if it’s worth buying.

NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil and eyeshadow primer
NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil and eyeshadow primer

Bow clip- Mr. hubby tells me to grow up whenever I buy bow hairbands, clips and ballerinas but I find them so cute that I can’t  resist buying things which have bow (yeah that’s me. Ignoring everything what hubby says about my bow stuff..hehe). So I bought this super cute bow clip for 10 Ringet (Approx 150 INR).

Bow clip from malaysia
Bow clip

Earrings- I bought these pearl earrings for  total of 30 ringets (Approx INR 450). These types of studs with attachments at the back are so in vogue these days. You can find lots of them  on Instagram.

Pearl earrings with detachable back
Pearl earrings

Ball Foam hair curlers- Now this is interesting. I spotted these unusual hair curlers of ball shape in Forever 21. I found it too unique and bought two pack for a total of 14 ringets (Approx INR 210).

Ball Foam hair curlers from forever 21 malaysia
Ball Foam hair curlers

Forever 21 makeup sponge- I was in search of a good beauty blender so I bought this sponge. The make up sponges are so good for a seamless base. I will review this soon on blog.

Forever 21 makeup sponge from malaysia
Forever 21 makeup sponge

OPI- Now this is my favourite part. I am so I love with OPI nailpaints these days and I could not find them in NCR. So when I spotted the OPI counter on duty free shop in Airport I was filled with joy . (Dramatically I danced and jumped saying yippieeeee in my heart. Yeah I know  I know that’s melodramatic but I do that inside my heart..hehehe). So coming to the nailpaints I bought one travel pack containing 6 small nailpaints (3.75ml), One nude color and one brownish purple nailpant. The total price was around INR3350. (I know its pricey but I just wanted to know why the world raves about OPI. I will let you know soon about it.)

OPI nailpaints
OPI Nailpaints

OPI nailpaints travel set
OPI nailpaints Travel set

So guys this was my haul. Please share your shopping haul this season.  How was your diwali. I went for cracker free diwali this year.Also on choti diwali I along with my friends made a beautiful rangoli at office and had super fun full day doing no work. Hehehe...That's a rare sight at work. I will share my Diwali look with you guys through Instagram (same name Perkymegs) and blog soon. I just love how Diwali fills the air with Joy, happiness and togetherness. Proud  to be an Indian. May god bless all of us with good health and prosperity. BBye for now. Feel beautiful and be stylish.

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