The Modern Indian Women today- Better or same?

Hi girls. Today’s post is nothing related to fashion or beauty. Rather I just wanted to share my random thoughts. Just read in a newspaper that a woman who was a doctor was killed by her husband just because she didn’t fulfill the money demands of her husband and in laws. It really creates such anger inside me. Even after so many years and so much development, this is what the situation of modern Indian women is?

Women are getting highest education in our country, earning as much as the boys, are financially independent but when it comes to life after marriage nothing has changed significantly.  When a girl leaves her parents’ home she is supposed to leave all her independence. The boy’s side will expect her to fulfill all the responsibilities without complaining. The Indian moms will expect the daughter in law to enter the kitchen as soon as she will enter the home from office even if she is tired from full day’s hectic office schedule. And the man?  According to his mother he is tired, he has worked a lot in the office even if he has arrived home before his wife. Isn’t this situation pitiable?

And after giving birth to a child, the woman is supposed to forget about her own life. The child is all her responsibility. The husband can’t do this job because as per Indian women (yeah the enemy of a woman is woman only) he is not equipped to handle a child. My question to everyone is that “Are women aliens or are they super powers with born talent of handling a child?” The answer is no. The child is as new to the woman as to the man. We criticize the western society so much but I really like the equal respect that a woman gets there. There the man and the woman both share the equal responsibility of a child.

In our society if a woman wants to have a career or a life after child, the people will call her selfish. They will say that that’s why a woman should not be given so much education. In their words “Zada pad ke dimaag kharab ho gaya h iska” (she has gone nuts after getting education). I say why such disgusting comments? You know in my company where there are so called highly educated people, people so shamelessly ask me that you must have employed a maid to cook your food. “Ajkal ki ladkiya kaha banati hai khana”. I say why a woman is judged by the fact that whether she makes food or not. I am coming home same as my husband after a full day hectic job, I am earning as good as the boy and I am as educated as him. I love my family and will do anything for them but why my love should be judged with making food? Why can’t a woman have a maid in our society to make food and utilize the time that she saves to spend some quality time with family taking care of her health.

I remember that my mom never disturbed in between my studies to make me teach how to cook food. A lot of aunties in the neighborhood taunted her that your daughter doesn’t know the household work but my mom said to me “I don’t want you to have a life like me. I want you to get educated, be independent. You will learn all the household work when right time will come but right now just concentrate on your studies”. I want to thank my mom from the bottom of my heart to give me such values, education and freedom. And to those aunties I just want to say that I can make the best dishes of the world that even you can’t make and I am a confident independent woman today.

To the men I want to say that please support your wives as they have left their homes for you. Please don’t be the typical man who believes that women are born to sacrifice. We are human too. We want to have a life. We too want to laugh and smile as we used to before marriage. If our elders can’t change their thinking at least you change yours. Give equal respect to your wife. Share equal responsibilities with her and don’t leave her alone in your home. She will feel your home her home only when you will make her feel so.

To the women I have lot more to say. Please don’t think your daughter is born to make food and serve her family only. Please don’t think your daughter in law is a machine without feelings. Please let your son share equal responsibilities with your daughter in law. Please don’t teach your son that a woman is bound to sacrifice as you have made sacrifices in your life too. Leave your times behind and let the woman live. Please change with the time and accept that a woman should have equal rights as men.

 I am not a feminist here cursing the men but I will also not accept in any way that I am a weaker section. I am educated, smart, independent and caring human being. I guess I wrote a really long post here but I just could not hold my feelings. BBye for now. Feel confident, feel important and feel proud to be a woman.

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