Super Easy way to do French Manicure at home

Hi girls. How are you all. Christmas and New year fever is all over, all holidays are already consumed and now I am overloaded with lots of work at office(sigh). But hey that can’t stop me from talking to you guys here (grin grin). So today’s post is about how to do French manicure at home.

French Manicure Tutorial India
French Manicured Nails

I am really obsessed with French manicure. It looks so elegant and classy. It is evergreen and I just love it. One funny story of me that I want to share here is that during my teenage days, I was not exposed to the internet world much. When I used to see the French manicured nails of actresses like Karishma Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee, I used to think that their nails are really this white and I used to just clean and clean my nails endlessly. Then I concluded with heavy heart that my nails are not white like them. (haha I know this is very funny and embarrassing  but it’s true. LOL).  Much later did I come to know that hey that’s called a French manicure and my nails are alright (hehe).

So girls here’s how I do French manicure at home. They charge a lot in the salon and I like to do it myself at home as it’s super easy. I am not an expert at this but I can share how I do it. All you need for it is a French manicure set, French manicure tips, ear buds and a nail polish remover.

French Manicure Tutorial India
French Manicure Essentials

I ordered Miss Caire manicure set online from flipkart but I didn’t like it much. I have heard good reviews about sally Hansen set so you can go for it and order online. French manicure Set contains a white, transparent, nude and light pinkish nail paints. But I now use OPI white nail paint which I got in  traveler OPI mini set (the one that I showed you guys in “My October shopping haul”) and it has amazing finish. I have not looked back since then as it is so awesome. I use nail tips from Konad and it serves the purpose very well for me. You can also get this manicure set and tips from local beauty stores. In place of tips you can also use tapes and other means. There are lots of options that you can find out through Youtube.

French Manicure Tutorial India
French Manicure set

French Manicure Tutorial India
OPI white nailpaint for French Manicure

French Manicure Tutorial India Konad tips
Konad French Manicure Tips

So following are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: First peel the tip and apply on nails.

French Manicure Tutorial India
Tips sticked to nail ends

Step 2: Now apply white nail paint beyond the tip. Wait for around 20 minutes to let it dry.

French Manicure Tutorial india
Apply white nail paint

Step 3: Now peel off the tips. The nail paint will spread a little. Don’t worry we will fix it in next step.

French Manicure Tutorial India
Tips sticked out

Step 4: Now take an ear bud. Soak it in little Nail polish remover and apply wherever white nail paint has spread unevenly.

Step 5: Apply top transparent coat and voila your French manicure is complete.

French Manicure Tutorial India
Final Look

So girls Do try this super easy French manicure at home and trust me you will have the most beautiful feeling ever of being an elegant and classy lady. It goes with all the outfits. Totally apt for work. Mr. Hubby took some fun shots of me as I was happy like mad with my newly French manicured nails (hehehe).

French Manicure Tutorial India
Me Happy to flaunt my french manicured nails 

So, Girls this is how I do my French manicure at home. Do share your way of doing French manicure at home. I would love to hear some fresh and new ideas from your side. BBye for now. Feel beautiful be stylish.

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