Sleek Eyebrow kit Review and Tutorial

Hi girls. Today I am writing review of a product which I am using from a long time but never wrote about it. It’s Eyebrow kit from Sleek in the shade dark brown. I ordered it from and it costed me around INR1700 that time.

Eyebrow filling tutorial India
Sleek eyebrow kit 

When I started doing makeup I didn’t know the power of groomed eyebrows. I thought a good base, eyes and lips are all what is required for makeup. I knew nothing about contouring, highlighting and eyebrow grooming and the huge difference that they make.

eyebrow filling tutorial India
This is how the makeup looks without eyebrow filling

Well shaped eyebrows make or break a look. Not everyone has dense eyebrows. Majority of us have sparse eyebrows and eyebrow wax, powder and pencils are required to fill in the gaps and create perfect brows. Brown works best for Indian skin tones. Never ever order a black shade of eyebrow pencil or powder as it looks very weird (have you seen the character kroorsingh from Tv serial “Chandrakanta”. It looks exactly like that. Hehe. Trust me).

eyebrow filling tutorial India
Left Eyebrow Unfilled, Right brow filled

The packaging of sleek eyebrow kit is very nice with black solid plastic. It has a tweezer, a mirror, a wax and a powder portion with two small brushes. I don’t use the tweezer ever. First I apply the wax on the brows. Then I apply the powder.

Sleek eyebrow kit review India
Sleek eyebrow kit 

There are few points that you need to keep in mind while using any brow powder. First is that never ever start from the inner part of the eyebrows. It should not be filled completely as natural brows are never full from inner part. So to avoid looking artificial always start from some distance away from inner part. Then fill in small strokes. (And don’t panic if your husband says in between that you are looking like a ghost because it looks weird at first but it sets after some time and with full make up on it looks awesome.)

Eyebrow filling tutorial India
Final look with filled eyebrows

Coming to the sleek eyebrow kit, the staying power of wax and powder is very long lasting. It stays for 7-8 hours easily once set. The color dark brown is perfect for Indian skin tones. I am very happy with this kit and I think this will last for a long time.


Perfect brown, long lasting, No flaking, very good quality


It is quite pricy I would say as there are really competitive brands emerging in the market like make up revolution which have really affordable eyebrow kit. Also Availability is an issue in India

Final verdict : 4/5

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